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Although Desiree has only been behind the chair for a short period of time, her history in the industry is nothing to be underestimated. Growing up with two parents who owned and operated a hair care distribution company, she spent lots of time in the industry, and fell in love with the salon life at a very young age. Graduating from hair school at 21, Desiree moved from Ottawa to Toronto to pursue her dream of one day owning her own salon in a big city. Quickly finding her niche in colour, she became well known for her beautiful blondes and natural blending balayages. In 2019 she met her now business partner Brittney Banks and the connection was immediate. After working with Brittney for 2 years, they soon became a female power duo. Now her dream of owning a salon of her own has finally come true, and the cherry on top is to be able to share it with one of her dearest friends! 

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