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meet Harmony Clinic

Harmony Clinic was founded by Sarah Beneteau in Toronto, ON. Sarah worked as a registered nurse for 7 years before completing her master’s in nursing and nurse practitioner certification in 2019. She completed her aesthetics training with the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine in neuromodulators, dermal fillers, PRP, micro needling, mesotherapy, and sclerotherapy and began practicing aesthetics in 2020.  

Sarah has a life-long love for the beauty industry and an artist’s eye for detail. Medical aesthetics gives her the opportunity to marry her passion for beauty treatments with medicine and science. When she is not injecting, Sarah is an Adjunct Lecturer in the Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto, and works at Toronto General Hospital within the Multi-Organ Transplant Program.


Sarah takes pride in being a careful and precise injector with a solid knowledge of facial anatomy and movement. She works with both men and women to address aesthetic concerns safely, to balance and harmonize the face, and enhance or maintain the beauty in each person’s individual features.


At Baz and Banks, Sarah provides basic and advanced neurotoxin consultation and treatments. Be on the lookout for an expanding list of services!

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